Cumbria Crystal

Cumbria Crystal


    What is characteristic of Cumbria Crystal products?

    Characteristic of Cumbria Crystal products is the exceptional shine and sparkle they offer, thanks to the high lead content in the crystal. This makes them stand out exceptionally well under studio lights. Additionally, the Grasmere collection, designed by Lady Cavendish, is perfectly suited for stories set in the 19th and 20th centuries.

    What is the history of Cumbria Crystal?

    The history of Cumbria Crystal dates back to 1976 when it was founded by Lord and Lady Cavendish along with a select group of local entrepreneurs. Originally based at the southern edge of the English Lake District, the company was initially staffed by artisans recruited from Stourbridge, historically known as the hub of the English crystal industry. Since then, the company has remained true to its artisan roots, inviting visitors to witness the historic techniques of crystal making.

    Why are Cumbria Crystal products often seen in TV series and films?

    Cumbria Crystal products are often featured in TV series and films for two main reasons. Firstly, due to their unparalleled quality and shine under studio lighting, and secondly, because of the perfect fit of the Grasmere collection in stories set in the 19th and 20th centuries.

    In which TV series and films are Cumbria Crystal products featured?

    Some of the well-known TV series and films where Cumbria Crystal products are featured include Downton Abbey, James Bond films, Peaky Blinders, The Crown, Sherlock Holmes, Behind Her Eyes, Darkest Hour, Spooks, An Ideal Husband, Ted Lasso, and Out of Africa.

    What are highly exclusive whisky glasses and whisky decanters?

    For highly exclusive whisky glasses and whisky decanters, you should visit Mood4Whisky, where you can find the beautiful collections of Cumbria Crystal. With a reputation for supplying crystal to royal residences and embassies worldwide, as well as luxury retailers like Linley, Harrods, and Fortnum and Mason, Mood4Whisky offers a unique opportunity to acquire these exclusive crystal creations.

    Where can I purchase Cumbria Crystal products?

    You can purchase Cumbria Crystal products at Mood4Whisky, a retailer known for its exclusive offerings. Mood4Whisky provides access to the exquisite collections of Cumbria Crystal, renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and timeless elegance.