How to Choose the Right Whisky Glass

Verschillende wiskyglazen

Discover the perfect glass for your dram


Choosing the right whisky glass can be quite challenging, especially if it's a gift and you don't know the recipient's preferences. Whether you're a beginner whisky drinker or have been enjoying this complex drink for years, the right glass can make a world of difference. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Understand the Drinker’s Preferences

The first thing you need to do is understand how the person likes their whisky. Do they drink it neat, with a bit of water, or maybe with ice? These preferences determine which type of glass is most suitable. Beginners should experiment with different glasses to find what works best. More experienced drinkers often have a preference for specialized glasses designed to accentuate the whisky's aromas and flavors.

Drinking Whisky Neat

For those who drink their whisky neat, the Glencairn glass is an excellent choice. This tulip-shaped glass is specifically designed to concentrate the aromas and enhance the drinking experience. It is suitable for both beginners and seasoned drinkers. The same goes for the copita glass, originally used for sherry but now beloved by whisky enthusiasts for its narrow opening and wide base.

Drinking Whisky with Water

If the drinker likes to add a few drops of water to their whisky, an tasting glass is a good choice. This glass, with its long stem and tulip shape, makes it easy to smell the aromas without hand warmth affecting the whisky's temperature. Adding water wit a pipette can open up the flavor of the whisky and release new aromas, and this type of glass helps to maximize that experience.

Whisky On The Rocks

For those who enjoy their whisky with ice, an old fashioned glass, also known as a rocks glass, is ideal. This wide, sturdy glass provides plenty of room for large ice cubes, which can be made with a special mold,  that melt slowly and dilute the whisky less quickly. This ensures that the drinker can enjoy the pure taste for longer.

Material and Shape

Regardless of how you enjoy your whisky, the material and shape of the glass are important considerations. Crystal or high-quality glassware contains no impurities that can affect the taste of the whisky. A tapered glass helps concentrate the aromas, which is essential for fully enjoying the complex flavors of whisky.

Use Our Selection Guide

To make choosing the right whisky glass easier, we have developed a handy selection guide on our website. This guide takes you through a series of questions about the whisky drinker’s preferences and habits, and based on that, provides a tailored recommendation. This makes the process simpler and ensures you choose a glass that perfectly matches the recipient's taste and preferences.

Visit our website and try out the selection guide to find the ideal whisky glass. Whether you’re looking for a gift or want to treat yourself to a better glass, our selection guide makes it easy to make the right decision.