What glass do i use?

What is the perfect glass for drinking whisky?

The choice of whisky glass can depend on personal preference and the type of whisky you're enjoying. There are a few common types of whisky glasses that are often used to enhance the tasting experience:

  1. Tumbler or Old Fashioned Glass: This is a short, wide glass with a thick base. It's commonly used for serving whisky on the rocks (with ice) or for classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned. It's a versatile glass that works well for most types of whisky. 

  2. Glencairn Glass: The Glencairn glass is designed specifically for whisky tasting. It has a tulip-like shape that concentrates the aromas toward the narrow opening, allowing you to better appreciate the whisky's scents. It's great for sipping and analyzing the nuances of the whisky.

  3. Copita or Sherry Glass: Similar to the Glencairn glass, the copita glass has a tulip shape, but it's smaller with a longer stem. It's often used for tasting and nosing higher-end whiskys and is particularly associated with Scotch whisky tastings.

  4. Wee glass: A wee glass is a small glass, specially designed for distillery tours or for when you’re craving a wee ‘nip’ instead of a dram.

  5. Snifter: A snifter glass has a wide bowl and a short stem. It's commonly used for brandy and cognac, but it can also work well for certain types of whisky, especially those with rich and complex aromas.

  6. Highball Glass: A tall and slender glass, the highball glass is typically used for whisky-based cocktails like the highball itself or a whisky and soda. It's designed to accommodate ice and mixers while allowing the whisky's flavors to shine.

  7. Neat Glass: The Neat glass is a newer design that aims to provide a balanced experience between nosing and tasting. It has a wide bowl like a tumbler but with a unique shape that enhances the whisky's aromas.

Ultimately, the choice of whisky glass comes down to personal preference and the type of experience you want. If you're sipping a fine single malt or a whisky you want to savor, a Glencairn or copita glass might be ideal. For cocktails or casual sipping, a tumbler or highball glass could work well. Remember, the glass you use can enhance the enjoyment of your whisky, but the most important thing is to enjoy it in a way that suits your taste.