NEAT Whiskey glass

NEAT Whiskey glass



    How to use and the NEAT Whiskey Glass?

    Discover the unparalleled pleasure of enjoying your favorite spirits with Mood4Whisky's revolutionary NEAT Whisky glass. Crafted through a deep understanding of human olfactory physiology and leveraging the principles of physics and chemistry, our spirits nosing glass unlocks the hidden dimensions of distilled beverages like never before.

    At the heart of our innovation lies the Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology (NEAT), setting the gold standard for spirits glasses worldwide. Recognizing that flavor is 90% aroma, we've meticulously designed our NEAT glass to showcase all aromas and elevate the tasting experience to new heights of enjoyment and diagnostics.

    Our commitment to excellence is backed by rigorous testing conducted by the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) Chemistry Department. Under controlled, uniform conditions, the NEAT spirits glass outperformed traditional tulip whiskey glasses, Glencairn, and other spirits glasses, as verified by independent sensory studies. With NEAT, you can trust that every sip delivers unparalleled aromas and flavor that lesser glasses simply cannot match.

    Experience the difference that science brings to your whiskey and spirits enjoyment. Choose NEAT from Mood4Whisky and elevate every tasting moment to a sublime experience.

    What is the advantage of the NEAT Whiskey Glass?

    The advantage of the NEAT Whisky glass lies in its innovative design, known as Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology (NEAT). This design enhances the tasting experience by effectively concentrating and delivering the aromas of the whisky to the nose, allowing for a fuller and more nuanced appreciation of its flavor profile.

    Who developed the NEAT Whiskey Glass?

    The NEAT Whisky glass was developed by George Manska, who sought to create a vessel that could better showcase the complexities of whisky aromas.

    Which awards did the NEAT Whiskey Glass winn?

    The NEAT Whisky glass has received recognition in the form of several awards, including the Gold Medal for Best Glass at the American Distilling Institute's Glass Competition and the Platinum Award for Best Glass in the 2016 SIP Awards. These accolades underscore the effectiveness and quality of the NEAT Whisky glass in enhancing the whisky tasting experience.

    Why buy the NEAT Whiskey Glass at Mood4Whisky?

    When purchasing NEAT Whisky glasses from Mood4Whisky, customers can be assured of investing in a product that has been recognized for its innovation and excellence in the whisky community.