Whisky Candles

Whisky Candles


    Introducing Mood4Whisky, the ultimate destination for whisky aficionados: What constitutes the aroma of Isle of Skye Candle Company's whisky-inspired scent?

    Composition: This Whisky fragrance is crafted with the sweetness of aged barrels, paired with a subtle, smoky hint of peated barley to evoke the essence of the finest Scottish drams. Base notes of oakwood, musk, and vanilla lead to mid-tones of cinnamon and culminate with a delicate, fruity touch.

    What are the advantages of Mood4Whisky scented candles?

    Isle of Skye Candle Company utilizes soy wax in their scented candles, offering several advantages over paraffin-based candles. Some benefits of soy wax include:

    • Environmentally friendly: Soy wax is derived from sustainable and renewable sources, such as soybeans. It is biodegradable and contributes less to environmental pollution than paraffin, which is derived from petroleum.
    • Longer burning time: Soy wax tends to burn slower than paraffin, resulting in an extended candle lifespan. This allows consumers to savor the delightful fragrances that Isle of Skye Candle offers for a longer duration.
    • Less soot production: Soy wax generally produces less soot during burning compared to paraffin, resulting in cleaner air in the space and minimizing the need for post-use cleaning.

    Why are Mood4Whisky candles more expensive than, for example, Woodwick or Rituals?

    The higher cost of Mood4Whisky scented candles compared to brands like Woodwick or Rituals may be attributed to various factors, including:

    • Ingredient quality: Mood4Whisky employs premium and sustainable ingredients, such as premium fragrance oils, excellent quality wicks, and high-grade soy wax.
    • Handcrafted: All scented candles are handcrafted. Handcrafting can influence the price, as manual labor requires more time and skill than machine production.

    Where are Isle of Skye Candles made?

    Isle of Skye Candles are handcrafted on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. If you ever find yourself on this magnificent island, be sure to visit the visitor center of Isle of Skye Candle Company in Portree (https://skyecandles.co.uk/pages/visitor-centre).

    How sustainable are Mood4Whisky scented candles?

    The sustainability of Mood4Whisky scented candles is enhanced by the use of soy wax, a renewable and eco-friendly raw material. This contributes to reduced ecological impact compared to paraffin-based candles. Mood4Whisky only sources soy wax from the United States and avoids soy wax from South America, as it often comes at the expense of the Rainforest. Sustainability is held in high regard by the Scots.

    Are Isle of Skye Candles vegan?

    Yes, the candles of Isle of Skye Candle Company are vegan. Made from soy wax and free from animal products, vegans can enjoy these candles with peace of mind.