Tumbler or Old Fashioned Whisky Glasses

Tumbler or Old Fashioned Whisky Glasses


    Why buy at Mood4Whisky?

    When it comes to purchasing tumbler glasses at Mood4Whisky, there are several types available, ranging from standard glass to highly exclusive lead crystal options. These tumblers come from various renowned producers like Glencairn, Cumbria Crystal, and Final Touch.

    The key advantage of buying tumbler glasses from Mood4Whisky lies in the diverse selection offered, catering to different preferences and needs of whisky enthusiasts. Whether one prefers a traditional design or seeks something more luxurious and exclusive, Mood4Whisky has options to suit every taste.

    Which types of tumblers are there?

    Tumblers come in various materials and designs. Some common types include standard glass tumblers, lead crystal tumblers for those seeking a touch of luxury, and specialized designs like those from Glencairn, known for their whisky-specific shape.

    What is the difference between a glass and a tumbler glass?

    While both serve as vessels for holding liquids, a tumbler glass typically has a wider and sturdier design compared to a standard glass. Tumbler glasses are often used for serving drinks on the rocks or for cocktails that require more space for ice and mixing.

    What is a tumbler glass also known as?

    A tumbler glass is also commonly referred to as a rocks glass or an old-fashioned glass due to its versatile use in serving spirits over ice or in classic cocktails like an Old Fashioned.

    What makes a good tumbler glass?

    Several factors contribute to a good tumbler glass, including its material quality, design ergonomics, and suitability for the intended drink. A good tumbler should feel comfortable in hand, have sufficient capacity for ice and whisky, and be durable enough to withstand regular use.

    Is a Tumbler ideal for Whisky with ice?

    Yes, a tumbler is often considered ideal for serving whisky with ice. Its wide opening allows for easy access to the drink and provides ample space for ice cubes, ensuring proper chilling without diluting the whisky excessively. Additionally, the sturdy design of a tumbler makes it well-suited for mixing cocktails or enjoying spirits neat.